5,000 sq. ft. standard cultivation and processing facility in the Toronto area capable of ramping up to $4-5 million annual sales in 2022

Licence(s) Held:

Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing, Sale for Medical Purposes, CRA Licence, Recreational Sales Amendment (dry flower and pre-rolls)


Seeking outright divestiture of the licence and lease for $5 million - NOW $3.5 MILLION!

  • Well-built, 5,000 ft.² cultivation and processing building that offers a turnkey opportunity for cannabis cultivation, 2.0 processing/manufacturing and sales activities.

  • 3,000 ft.² of production space, comprising 2 grow rooms, 1 clone/mother room (can be used as an edibles processing room), storage room, trimming area, drying room, and secure storage.

  • Currently conducting tinctures, sugar, flavoured crystal drink mix, vape, medical clone sales, B2B clone sales, micro clone sales, and coffee beans

  • B-2-B sales activities for multiple clients across the cannabis value chain in drink crystals, micro clone sales, LP to LP clone sales, coffee beans, vape carts and tinctures

  • B2B contracts in the works for more edibles products, new product SKU's ready for market

  • Production capability 80+ live plants, 15-20 genetics and 385+ kg of dried flower per year and can be ramped up considerably higher through expansion

  • Suitable for a full range of cultivation and processing activities and application already in for a farm gate store 

  • Fast ramp up potential to $4-5 million of dried flower and clone sales revenues in the next 12 months 

  • Lean operating costs

  • Potential expansion capability up to an additional 40,000sq. ft. with retail frontage in the adjacent units with the same landlord.

  • Potential to convert the facility into a full nursery with the capacity to produce 1000 clones per day.

  • Recreational Sales Amendment for extracts, edibles and topicals expected in 60 days

  • Open to full purchase opportunities. 


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