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Fully-owned, purpose-designed, licensed processing facility in the GTA with rec sales amendment & room to expand. Owner looking to sell full or majority position to experienced cannabis sector operator.

Licence(s) Held:

Standard Processing, Sale for Medical Purposes, Recreational Sales Licence (all four categories) and CRA Licence


Seeking JV partner or sale for $6.1 million o.b.o.

  • Built to GMP standards, versatile 12,500+ sq. ft. licensed processing facility sitting on ~2 acres of land with wide-ranging production, packaging, storage, sales and distribution activities

  • Facility comprised of processing room, packaging room/secure storage, production room/secure storage, dedicated secure storage area, destruction cage, changerooms and shipping and receiving area

  • Second floor comprised of 2x office spaces, board room and washrooms

  • Currently operational and undertaking co-packing (dried flower and hash) J-I-T storage, and processing solutions, and B-2-B sales activities for multiple clients across the cannabis value chain

  • There is a back-up emergency generator at the site

  • Facility also comes with some equipment

  • Ability to expand facility to 2X its current footprint within existing warehouse-style building

  • Looking for full or majority sale to an experienced cannabis sector opeator


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