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Court-approved sale includes 3,000+ KG sellable flower inventory, 2 brands with 275 listings, 15,000 sq. ft. LP business in SW ON & 6,500 sq. ft. LP business in NS

Licence(s) Held:

Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing, Sale for Medical Purposes, Recreational Sales Amendment, CRA Licence


Seeking outright divestiture of brands, POs/listings, going concern business, leased and fully-owned LP facilities and inventory for $4 million

  • Wholesale, branded, cannabis business reaching a $25MM annualized net revenue run-rate as of the last 6 months ending November 2022

  • L6M revenues have been constrained due to lack of working capital

  • Existing wholesale supply channels in place with all major provincial purchasing agencies, representing ~275 listings across 11 provinces and 3 territories as of the end of December 2022

  • Licensed cultivation and processing facility in Quebec.

  • Leased licensed processing facility in SW Ontario and wholly-owned licnsed production facility in Nova Scotia available to be acquired to complement the branded products platformMultiple US-based opportunities in a number of states

  • Opportunities to realize significant synergies: i) facility costs, ii) personnel costs (facility and sales), iii) production input costs

  • Asset optionality: either asset-light via only operating the branded products platform, or vertically integrated utilizing one or both facilities as an already installed supply chainUK-based CBD brand with multiple SKUs and Novel Foods

  • Facilities split into product-category dedicated rooms, outfitted for processing and packaging of flower and non-flower products

  • Licensed cultivator, processor and importer/exporter in Portugal.

  • Micro licence holder facilities in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan

  • Standard licence holder facility in Maritime Province

  • Major extraction facility in a Western Province with solid sales


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