Versatile 55,000+ sq. ft. licensed cultivation and processing facility with wide-ranging production, packaging, storage, sales and distribution activities with annualized run rate of $8 million in sales into multiple Provinces

Licence(s) Held:

Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing, Sale for Medical Purposes, Recreational Sales Amendment and CRA Licence


Seeking $5-7 million equity investment for a stake in the company to build out expansion space within the existing building to quickly ramp up high value, high-margin production activities

  • A vertically integrated, seed-to-sale licence holder in a Prairie province laser-focused on high-end, indoor, craft-style cannabis cultivation and low-cost, high volume outdoor cannabis production for high-margin input materials. 

  • Operating under a custom-built 55,000+ ft² cannabis facility on 62+ acres of land, designed to align with GMP standards, opening the door to future international trade and export

  • The company is currently undertaking propagating, cultivating, packaging, processing, extraction, sales and distribution activities, including a fully-automated packaging line

  • There is a strong focus on product development and extraction technologies for the vape, pre-roll, edible and derivatives market including patent-pending extraction technology 

  • Current flower production is ~2500 kg annually and can be ramped up to approximately 5,000 kg annually 

  • Currently generating $650,000 of monthly gross revenue on average ($8 million annualized sales run rate)

  • Fast ramp up potential to $10-12 million annualized sales revenues

  • High potential revenue growth in oil and derivative products through in-house extraction capabilities using low-cost bio-mass from on-site outdoor cultivation

  • The existing building can be expanded to further increase production, sales and profit

  • Multi-province sales agreements, B-2-B contracts, efficient supply chain partners, pending international distribution channels, growing at capacity to fulfill existing contracts with rapid and consistent SKU velocity.

  • Open to investment or partnership opportunities to drive revenue growth


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