Emerging market leader on the cutting edge of the cannabis-infused health and wellness sector poised to exceed $10 million in annual sales

Licence(s) Held:

Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing, Sale for Medical Purposes, CRA Cannabis Licence


Seeking $5 million equity investment for a stake in the company

  • A wholly-owned, purpose-built industrial style 100,000 sq. ft. production building sitting on 53 acres of land on the beautiful East Coast of Canada.

  • Phase 1 built which includes 3 veg rooms & 2 flower rooms, about 1,500 sq ft of canopy, 1 dry & cure room, 1 secure storage, 1 pre-roll and package room, 1 topicals production room, 1 fish farming room & support rooms. 

  • Lean operations and operational efficiency at the forefront of cutting-edge structural design.

  • Currently conducting R&D (genetics, microbes, nutrients, and topicals), cultivation of flower and clones, processing, production and packaging for a powerhouse SKU line-up in the rapidly expanding health & wellness sector, along with quad-level recreational flower & genetics.

  • Leaders in aquaponic cultivation, fully sustainable value-chain production and environmental sustainability.

  • B-2-B sales activities for high value LP partners across the national cannabis landscape.

  • Wellness products currently have 3 of 18 OCS SKUs in the sector, with monthly velocity increasing.

  • Production capability of 60 units of topicals per month, 3,000 clones per month, 30kg per month and can be ramped up higher with rapid expansion capabilities.

  • This site offers a unique, turnkey opportunity to quickly ramp up a Cannabis 2.0 market leader in the billion dollar health & wellness sector. There are clear signs the H&W sector is becoming the first mainstream sector to readily adopt cannabis-infused products. The lineup of unique SKUs and first-to-market form factors with mass market appeal have this industry-leader primed for a meteoric rise.


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