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A leased, licensed cannabis facility being operated within an indoor, purpose-designed, 5,000 ft.² standalone building in Alberta

Licence(s) Held:

Micro-Cultivation, Micro Processing and CRA Licence


Seeking outright divestiture of the lease and licences for $400,000 with option to purchase the land and buildings for $2.45 million

  • Indoor, standalone, ~5,000 sq ft two-floor building sitting on a ~4-acre site in Alberta

  • Main level houses all the cultivation and immediate post cultivation rooms including 7 grow rooms, 1 veg room, 2x drying rooms, 1 multi use area for trimming or product packing, secure storage and shipping and receiving

  • Second floor has 2 offices, lunch room, 2 bathrooms with showers and mechanical room

  • Both floors total ~10,000 ft.² of usable space overall

  • Owners have established a collection of mothers and strains in the vegetative room and are seeking to facilitate the smooth transfer of operations to the acquirer

  • Historical production of ~480kg of dried flower per year and 7200 clones/veg plants per year

  • Company has 200 strains in their genetics library

  • Facility comes with all equipment on site

  • The site has room for further expansion where there is a possibility of extending the existing fence and current building with the opportunity to convert to a standard license

  • Land and building are leased and are owned by another entity and there is option to purchase for $2.45 million

  • The 4-acre property includes two non-cannabis structures which are currently leased and generating approximately $100,000 annually, providing an additional source of revenue for the acquirer.


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