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Excellent business opportunity for buyers looking to purchase a wholly-owned licensed outdoor cultivation site with multiple high-quality, high-THC, strong terpene-profile, low cost-to-produce outdoor flower with extensive genetics library

Licence(s) Held:

Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing, CRA Licence


Seeking outright divestiture of the licence, wholly owned facility, and going-concern business for $1.9 million

  • Incredible opportunity to purchase 80 acres of land, 4.5 acres licenced for outdoor cultivation and a wholly owned, 6,000 ft.² licensed, hybrid greenhouse in Eastern Ontario

  • Facility is comprised of propagation, curing, drying room, trim/packaging room, secure storage, shipping and receiving, and security

  • Currently operational, designed for lean operational cost, unlimited potable water supply with sufficient capacity to irrigate the entire grow area cutting down operational costs

  • Capability to produce over 500kg per year of dried flower, over 1,000kg of fresh frozen per year and ~300kg dried trim per year

  • Historic output of over 30% THC and over 4% Terpenes makes this a Unicorn outdoor cultivation opportunity

  • Company has built an expansive legal genetics catalogue with over 600+ unique cultivars

  • The site has room for expansion to add an additional 65 acresof greenhouses/drying /processing buildings or licensed outdoor cultivation space

  • Opportunity to generate multiple unique and desirable production strains and yield high quality outdoor flower and future farm-gate opportunities

Key Values:

  • Facility comes with a range of operating equipment (~$350,000)

  • Land and property are valued at ~$1 million

  • Total invested in property and capital improvements over $500,000

  • Includes over $400,000 worth of existing inventory of dried flower for future sales

  • Includes 65 acres organic farm

  • Includes 10x 16 security building, three forty-foot sea cans for storage and two 50-foot reefer trailers for cannabis storage (fresh frozen) and processing

  • Includes two story, three-bedroom farmhouse, barn, 2 Garages/workshop, and milk shed

  • Processing licence in hand

  • Staff are fully engaged and willing to stay on and owner is willing to stay on for 1+ year and help operate the business as needed


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