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Micro craft cultivator in British Columbia with in-house brand doing direct delivery to stores in BC, and selling into 2 other Provinces. Well-located 23 mins from Vancouver in BC

Licence(s) Held:

Micro Cultivation and CRA licence


Seeking outright divestiture of the business, licence and lease for $1.4 million o.b.o

  • A leased, fully operational, purpose-designed ~3,275 ft.² indoor micro cultivation facility located 23 mins from Vancouver in BC

  • Facility is comprised of 5 grow rooms, a processing area, 1 secure storage room, 1 drying room, record storage room, office and a shipping receiving area

  • Each room contains a two-stage heat pump, 2 Anden dehumidifiers, Sanuvox UV light, CO2 burner, 16 Fluence spydr lights, PIP racking for multiple levels

  • Currently undertaking cultivation, drying, sales, bulk packaging, storage, and contracted pre-roll manufacturing

  • Full production capability of ~500 kg/year of dried flower

  • Seller has ~494 seeds and 40 strains under their possession

  • A number of these unique strains are testing at 22 – 30% THC, with three solid cultivars in production with strong terpene profiles

  • Currently have a brand listed in multiple retail dispensaries in BC using multiple processor partners with approximately 10 SKUs and 40 NNCPs in play. Approved for direct delivery in BC.

  • Currently growing revenues and projecting $1.2 million gross revenue for 2023

  • Lean operational cost

  • Community-based commercial location, strategically located within 5 km from cannabis friendly bank with local branch and Sterigenics is also nearby creating future business opportunities

  • The facility is ripe for future expansion by taking over one adjacent leased unit

  • Seeking outright divestiture of the business, licence and lease for $1.4 million o.b.o


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